ACTICHROME® AT III activity assay

Product Description

Chromogenic assay measuring Antithrombin III activity in human plasma.

Antithrombin III is an inhibitor of plasma serine proteases. An important function of Antithrombin III is the inhibition of thrombin activity. Normally the rate of thrombin inhibition by Antithrombin III is slow; however, the rate can be enhanced several-thousand fold in the presence of heparin.

The assay is a two-stage method where thrombin is added to a plasma diluted with an excess of heparin. After an initial incubation stage, the residual thrombin activity is determined with the addition of SPECTROZYME® TH, a thrombin-specific chromogenic substrate. The residual thrombin activity is inversely proportional to the Antithrombin III concentration.

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