ACTICHROME® Heparin (anti-FIIa) assay

Product Description

A two-stage chromogenic assay which measures unfractionated heparin in human plasma by measurement of Factor IIa (thrombin) activity.

The inhibitory effect of antithrombin III (ATIII) on Factor IIa (thrombin), Factor Xa and other coagulation serine proteases in plasma is increased several-thousand fold by heparin. This inhibition accounts for the anticoagulant effect of heparin.

In the first stage, heparin in the patient sample is allowed to react with ATIII. In the second stage, the heparin-ATIII complex formed inhibits the added thrombin. The residual thrombin hydrolyzes the thrombin-specific chromogenic substrate SPECTROZYME® TH. The amount of residual thrombin activity is inversely proportional to the heparin concentration in the patient plasma.

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