ACTICHROME® PLG activity assay

Product Description

A chromogenic assay which measures plasminogen in human plasma.

The basis of the assay is the formation of a complex between plasminogen and streptokinase in the presence of excess streptokinase. This plasminogen-streptokinase complex possesses plasmin activity that can be measured using the plasmin specific chromogenic substrate SPECTROZYME® PL. The amount of plasminogen in the sample is directly proportional to the plasmin activity measured.

For Research Use Only


PRODUCT NAME REF # of tests Safety Data Sheets
ACTICHROME® PLG activity assay 851 4 Dilution Buffer-SDS_US-English_v2


Streptokinase Reagent-SDS_US-English_v2

Dilution Buffer-SDS_UK-EU English_v2


Streptokinase Reagent-SDS_EU-EU English_v2



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