IMUBIND® Thrombomodulin ELISA

Product Description

Measures thrombomodulin in human plasma, serum and cell culture supernatants.

Thrombomodulin (TM) is the endothelial cell surface receptor for thrombin. When occupied, the thrombomodulin/thrombin complex activates Protein C. Following Protein C activation, thrombomodulin acts as a major anticoagulant through its ability to inactivate various blood factors (fVa, fVIII, fXa and fXIIIa). In competing for thrombin binding, thrombomodulin inhibits the proteolytic effect of thrombin in its clotting of fibrinogen, the inactivation of Protein S and the induction of platelet aggregation. Thrombomodulin is present in human plasma and urine in a truncated form, lacking the transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains of thrombomodulin found on the cell surface. Plasma levels of thrombomodulin have been used as a marker for in vivo endothelial cell injury.

For Research Use Only

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