IMUCLONE™ Alpha-2-Antiplasmin ELISA

Product Description

Measures plasmin/alpha-2-antiplasmin (PAP) complexes in human plasma.

Alpha-2-antiplasmin is consumed during thrombolytic therapy. Measurement of PAP complexes may provide information on the extent of plasminemia and therefore the possibility of hemorrhagic events. Increased PAP complex formation is found in all diseases that are accompanied by increased fibrin formation and an increased reactive plasminemia. Accordingly, a correlation between the level of fibrin split products and the level of PAP complexes is found in various disease states. This correlation allows the measurement of PAP complexes to act as an indicator of ongoing thrombotic-thrombolytic events.

For Research Use Only

IMUCLONE™ Alpha-2-Antiplasmin ELISA 603 96


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