With products and technologies in over 70 countries, BioMedica brings innovation, quality and affordable diagnostic solutions to an ever-growing group of international partners, focused on helping to improve patient outcomes in the fields of Haemostasis and Thrombosis.

Helping people live better lives – It’s not only our vision, it’s what we DO.

  • By collaborating with global researchers and practitioners

  • Helping to drive innovation in health care

  • Bringing diagnostic products and technology to the forefront of medical research in human and animal health

  • Working hard to lower costs, and reducing and mitigating risk to all stakeholders

  • Developing the tools needed for research, education, and In Vitro diagnostics

 Our 49,000 square foot facility provides fully-automated manufacturing, dispensing, and freeze-drying for any sized contract, or custom manufacturing of OEM, bulk and intermediary materials, as well as custom labeling.

BioMedica is nimble and adaptive with expertise in R&D, collaborative research, product development and manufacturing, and pilot lot development and scale-up.